I had my very first book signing for my very first book on Saturday, May 6th! It was held at a local Barnes & Noble store - the same B&N where I would bring my kids when they were little. The staff could not be nicer, and I had a wonderful evening! 



My husband threw a small family party before hand to celebrate the release of my book.



Then we went directly to the signing. I was very touched by the supportive crowd of tri-clubbers, friends, members of my writers group, members of my book club, and of course my family.

I met some people for the first time in "real life" whom I have known through a Facebook friendship for years. I met Erin Briggs, who was an inspirational triathlete profiled in my book, whom I had only spoken with over the phone. That made my night!


I felt kinda like a Rock Star talking into the mic. An awkward Rock Star, but it was kinda cool. 


It was a really special night because of everyone who came out for me. I will never forget that show of kindness! 

There were those who I expected to see, and those who surprised me! I'm so grateful for the community of strong, supportive women around me.

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Women Who Tri is available at B&N online AND in several of their stores throughout the country. If you are in one, go ahead and look in the Sports section and perhaps you'll see it there! If not, they will order it for you. If you are local to Deptford, New Jersey, you can purchase an autographed copy of Women Who Tri back at the Customer Service Desk while supplies last.