I had a great time chatting with Chris and Lana of Lost In Transition Podcast. We discussed women in triathlon, the challenges and the reward of the sport and how to encourage more newbies to give the try a tri.

This was my second podcast interview. My first, with IM Talk, has not yet been aired. So, this was the first interview where I could actually listen to myself. These are the things that make you cringe a little inside. Overall, it was a learning experience. One lesson I learned is that I must stop saying "Um" so gosh-darn much! And, maybe to not personalize so many answers to the questions. But, all in all, I think I stayed "on message" which is that any woman can do a triathlon and that no one needs to be intimidated by this sport, or by the community of triathletes. Everyone is welcome and everyone can do it - seriously!

I am so grateful to Chris and Lana and deeply appreciate the opportunity to be a guest on their show. They are excellent interviewers and very nice people who have been super supportive of this book. Their podcast is great, and I encourage you to go over and listen to all their very informative programs! 

You can listen to my podcast interview HERE and feel free to share!